“the eyes are an extension of the brain, or more technically, the retinas are truly brain tissue but merely reside outside the cranial vault”

Our Solution

Our solution is a hardware device and an integrated software platform capable of identifying ocular biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease in a primary-care setting. It enables operators with minimal training to evaluate whether a patient is currently suffering from early stage Alzheimer’s disease. The technology uses a combination of commodity imaging hardware, computer vision and AI to standardise and stratify the screening of Alzheimer’s Disease.

digital eye


We are developing a retinal imaging headset which:

  • does not require a trained operator
  • is non-invasive
  • gives instant results
lady using retinal scanner
artistic representation of AI

AI powered Algorithms

Our algorithms provide a quantitative indication of Alzheimier's Disease progression at the Mild Cognitive Impairment Stage. The technology assists clinicians by providing an orthogonal biomarker modality to inform early-stage diagnosis alongside traditional AD biomarkers.

hands typing on laptop with lightning effect


Our secure platform enables clinicians and researchers to:

  • remotely capture retinal images
  • store them securely
  • run our diagnostic ML algorithms
  • develop their own ML algorithms